Learn About the Work The Winter Park is Doing In the Community

The Winter Park at Civic Center is an experience that will bring the community together and an investment meant to revitalize the neighborhoods around Civic Center.

As such, Willy Bietak Productions has worked with the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department to determine and develop the best ways to support and give back to the community from the very beginning.

We have developed programs to support local community members — young and old — through this holiday season:


Tenderloin District Public School Program

With over 3,000 children in Kindergarten through 12th grade, the Tenderloin school district holds the highest number of public school children in a single district. And with an average yearly household income of $20,000, many of these students would not have access to The Winter Park or experiences like it.

To ensure that every child in the Tenderloin skates this holiday season, Willy Bietak Productions has partnered with the San Francisco Unified School District and San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department to invite every student in the Tenderloin District to experience The Winter Park for free!

The program includes complimentary admission and skate rental for a full 75-minute session, as well as guidance from onsite skate instructors, healthy food & beverage snacks and participation in other exclusive holiday activities.


Socks in the City for St. Anthony’s Foundation

Socks in the City is a socks drive to support the St. Anthony’s Foundation. We are asking visitors to The Winter Park residents to bring an extra pair or pack of new socks, which will then be donated to St. Anthony’s for distribution to homeless people living in shelters and on the streets of San Francisco.

The drive will take place Friday, December 21 through Sunday, December 23 — just in time for the holidays! Your donations will surely add comfort and care to an otherwise tough living condition. Learn more about the program, and how you can support philanthropy on foot.

At The Winter Park, we know the holidays are all about giving.
Are you interested in supporting our work to give back to the community, too?

Connect with Kristi Yim at Resonate Agency to learn more!